Where Better to Go For a Delicious

Choose the former option. A place with good food.

If you need an explanation, here it is. Suppose you visit a place with good chicks, the best looking ones, but the food quality is worst. This tells you about one very important thing – that those chicks are bad at choosing food. The question becomes, would you be interesred in a chick with bad taste in food? Where all would she take you out for dinner and lunch? How would you survive a consistent bad quality dining on all your dates for as long as you date (which can be forever). God help you if you marry this girl. Will she ever give know and provide good food. You will be stuck with bad food all your life.

So I suggest go to the place where food is good and I assure you the chicks who come there would have a great taste in food too! (Thats why they are there). And you will live in eternal bliss of delicious things should you choose to dat any girl there.

Hope that helps!!

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